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Stage 1 of the Cultist Rabble

Wanted to create a bit of variety in my Neophyte Hybrids for my Genestealer Cults crusade army.

Not all cultists are minors so I picked up some more Necromunda kits, along with raiding my bits box to kit bash some more "underhive" and general workers rabble hybrids.

1st up I built a Sargent for my squad from an Enforcer sargent.

Thought he would need to be more human looking as he had Infiltrated the Enforcers so stayed away from overt mutations.

Body is as is for now, most of the "cultification" will be via paint job

After playing with various heads I went with a Helblaster head with service stud filed off.

Think the scale just about works and he looks suitably grim.

Icons and a suitably shaded skin tone should make him look culty.

Lots more dudes to go!

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