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MODUROID - Modular cyborg assistants

MODUROID - Modular cyborg assistants

Need some crates lifted, holes drilled or meat chopped? Don't want to pay minimum wage?

Look no further than Modu-Droid these totally safe* and useful lobotomised cyborgs can fore fill all your most menial of tasks.


*80% of customers report no incidences of loss of limbs, re-emergent intelligence or blood thirsty robot uprisings


Each Cyborg is split into leg, torso, arms and backpacks sections.

Every torso can be combined with every leg, arm and backpack section to give thousands of possible combinations for every scenario or bizarre creation


All parts designed for resin printing and per-supported versions included


6 leg parts

  • Robot Legs
  • Human Legs
  • Robot Lower Legs
  • Tracks
  • Spider Legs
  • Mono Wheel

5 Torso varieties

  • Pipes
  • Respirator
  • Plain face
  • Goggles
  • Skull Face

39 Arm styles

  • 6 Lifting Claws (2 angles, 2 jaw positions, left and right options, rear power pack)
  • 8 Clamp arms (4 positions, left and right options)
  • 2 Drill arm (left and right options)
  • 4 Buzz saws (2 styles, left and right arms)
  • 2 Cleavers (left and right arms)
  • 4 impact hammers (2 styles, left and right arms)
  • Vacuum arms (with back collector)
  • Sweeping brush arms
  • Scribe
  • 2 Serving tray with drinks (left and right arms)



  • 2 machine gun (left and right)
  • 2 plasma cannons (left and right arms)
  • 2 heavy cannons with 3 ammo hoppers (left and right guns, left, right and dual ammo hoppers)
  • 2 combat claws (left and right arms)
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