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How to Magnetise Achilles Ridge Runner

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Another how to Magnetise stuff guide - todays victim is the Achilles Ridge Runner

I'm going to magnetise the rear weapons to allow switching between mortar and mining laser.

Stuff you will need

Pin Vice and 3mm drill bit - for drilling holes - Link

Recommend Super Glue Activator - sticking your magnets before they ping out! - Link

Neodymium Magnets - for the Magnetising magic - link

Achilles Ridge Runner - 25% off at Element Games

How to

First up build the mortar and laser

cut off the tabs from the weapon mounts (highlighted yellow)

Drill out these areas to insert a 3x1 magnet

Please note - this may take quite a bit of butchery!

Next up drill out the mounting points on the mortar and laser to allow insertion of a 3x1mm magnet in either side.

Insert the magnets into the holes

note: best have the poles oppositely aligned for this other wise the repulsive force makes assembly a nightmare!

Next up glue the mounting plates to the Ridge Runner

Once glue has set you should be good to go!

Happy Cult Uprising!

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