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Magnetizing Archaeopter


Thought I'd try and make use of the Blog to share some hobby stuff that may or not be of use to others - at least you might be able to learn from my mistakes!

First up - How I magnetized my Archaeopter (look forward to many different spelling versions of that through out article)

Step 1 - Prep.

I used:

A pin drill with 2mm, 3 and 4mm bits

2x1, 3x1 and 4x1 rare earth magnets

modelling putty/milliput or greenstuff

Super Glue

Super Glue Activator - this stuff is a godsend when magnetizing as it sets the glue pretty much instantly so your less likely to have magnets fall off, stick to your fingers or ping across the table and glue themselves to the other magnets

Step 2 - Side Guns

The only vaguely tricky bit.

1 - drill a 2mm hole in the door pannel using the pin drill.

2 - Add a glob of super glue and push in 2mm magnet - ensure the magnet is pushed slightly below the door surface - this is important for green stuffing over later.

3 - Put a small piece of putty into the reverse of the side machine gun mounting.

4 - put a 3x1 magnet onto the 2x1 magnet you already glued into place on the door (this will ensure the polarity is the correct way round!)

5 - put a small drop of superglue onto the magnet - take care not to let it run onto door

6 - add a drop of superglue activator onto the side machine gun rear.

7 - Push on the side machine gun and hold for a couple of seconds.

8 - pull off and the magnet should be stuck in putty

Step 3 - Rear Weapons

Note: I only bothered with the bombs and rear lasconnons as they are the only variants I'm interested in.

1 - put a drop of glue into the weapon mounting hole on the model and push in a 4x1mm magnet

Made to measure!

2 - weapon mounts - cut off the pin on the top of the mounting on the lasconnon and bombs

3 - as before place a magnet onto the magnet in the mounting hole, add a small drop of super glue to the top.

4 - put a drop of superglue activator onto the bomb mount and push onto the glue drop

5 - wait for 3-5 seconds then pull free

6 - repeat for lascannons

Step 4 - Front Weapons

I didnt bother magnetizing these - they push on pretty securely anyway - job done.

Step 5 - Green stuff

Put a thin layer of liquid greenstuff over the door magnets and sand back flush - you'll never know the magnets are there but they will still be strong enough to hold on weapons

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